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Actua manage its business with honest and respect to thirds interests. All collaborators strain to reach the higher ethical behavior standards.

In search for business goals, is essential that all employees understand, perform and share company values, which are the base of our conduct.


Actua recruits employ and promote people based in theirs qualifications and abilities. As a compromised company with diversity and inclusion, we do not tolerate any kind of discrimination. Actua supports its employees in developing their competences, in order to ensure theirs versatility. The company offers safe and health work conditions for its collaborators.

Confidentiality and Safe

Actua respects the confidentiality. Actua's collaborators are responsible to assure that actives from company will be protective in a safe and adequate way.

Conflicts of Interest

Actua demands that its employees avoid activities or personal interest and/or financial that may generate conflicts with company interest.

Financial and Control Reports

Actua's accounting register and corroborative documents describes and reflects with precision the nature of transactions in questions. Actua adopts all accounting norms accepted on Brazil.


Actua's collaborators works in a delegation of authorization system, according with its respective roles and responsibilities.

Compliance to Law

Actua comply rigorously all laws and regulations in Brazil and the countries, which conduct business. Actua believes in fair competition.


Fraudulent activities represent a trust loss. This won't be tolerate and will result in disciplinary action, independent of money value involved.

Child Exploitation

Actua doesn't make use of child labor in any circumstance and look for all supply chain members of string values to do the same.

Environmental Questions

Actua compromise to manage its business in a sustainable way and environmentaly correct.


This Code applies to Actua and collaborators, including the joint-ventures in which Actua has participation. Is Management responsibility to assure that principles and demands contained in this Code are communicated, understood and observed by all collaborators.

Is expect that all leaders and collaborators read and understand the Corporative Behavior Code No collaborator will be penalized to notify leadership of loss or loss suspicion of these principles.