actua ltd


Specialized in importation and distribution of laminated aluminum. Besides acts on business trade and exportation of fresh Tahiti lime. Provides management service in international trade operations.

With world-class products, we search always for excellence in our services through continuous improvement. With a bold and dynamic team, we build our main differential: rigorous fulfillment of our commitments.

Brand History

March/1982 - August/2004

With experience acquired during this long period on a world leader multinational in aluminum fabrication, was identified an evident supplier deficiency for such products manufactured in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia, as well as technical assistance service for development of new products and process improvement, having as consequence a deadlock on growth of these company.

Years 2004 and 2005

Conceived and founded. Beginning of intense qualification activities of North American, European and Asian manufactures of laminated aluminum. In 2005 was identified a new business opportunity, beginning that way tahiti limes export to Europe, Canada and Middle East.

Years 2006 to 2007

Starts import of aluminum foil through management between foreign and national companies. Following that, were initialized the first importations by trading and distribution operations for small clients or low consumption, where local manufactures weren't able to attend. In this period, the foils were carrying from diverse Europe countries.

Aiming to compete with high quality segments of rolled aluminum products was necessary to expand horizons, and bring the high technological capability, large production capacity and products quality from that country. Therefore, commercial relationship with Chinese companies was strengthened, appearing the first strategics partners.

With the release of license to operate in international trade (import/export registration), in April 2007 the company began to export directly without trading companies. In January 2007 were realized the first visits to clients of Brazilian lemon exported to England, Belgium, Holland and Germany.

Year 2008

With the world crisis, market situation on exterior and on Brazil was very tough and was necessary to search for more competitiveness and diversification of laminated aluminum products. In this year we started special logistic operations, such as consignment and rush order, that allowed expressive cost profits and agility on supply of foils to clients.

Year 2009 to 2012

With increasing trust of Brazilian clients on supply of aluminum foils, started the homologations and imports of aluminum plates and sheets in formats and coils.