actua ltd



To promote the consume of aluminum and Tahiti limes, without obstacles and borders, through international trade and business ethics.


Be leader on distribution segment of aluminum foils. We offer technically more sophisticated and competitive products in the world. We guarantee permanent supply and integral technical assistance. Being a supplier of Tahiti lemon recognized abroad, especially in the European market.


  • People - We work in teams. We promote a cheerful atmosphere, homey and generator of new ideas. We respect individuals and its differences.
  • Integrity We don't tolerate unethical behavior.
  • Profitability - We all understand how our work collaborate for company profitability.
  • Excellence - - We define our goals as challenging; we delegate decision powers to our employees and we tirelessly search excellence in everything we do.
  • Responsibility- - We do what we promise.


  • Solid knowledge on manufacture process and application of laminated aluminum;
  • Technical assistance on development of new products of laminated aluminum;
  • Best cost-effectiveness relation in international operations;
  • Agile and personalized treatment, with an expert and dynamic team;
  • Acknowledged competence on aluminum business and fresh fruits;
  • World class products;
  • Just in time.